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There’s a fair amount of press about a nurse getting fired for refusing to get a flu shot. Among other reasons, she apparently claims through an attorney that she can refuse because of some broadly based application under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits religious discrimination of employees.

One hypothesis that I’ve not seen addressed is that there might be something about the manufacturing of vaccines slipping between the cracks, which might shed light on side-effects of vaccines, including being a contributor to some cases of autism. For example, there seems to be a tacit assumption that all Quality Assurance/Quality Control data in […]

To me, the “faithful” are those who accept, without reservation, that there is no link between vaccines and autism in children. They examine the studies demonstrating there is no link, and assume all the bases have been covered. But is that really the case? Has there been a thorough vetting of all assumptions behind these […]