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I thought it was clever to buy cheap iPod chargers and cables on the internet.  The savings over Apple’s prices can be substantial ($5 or so versus around $30 for a charger, for example), and they are often postage-free. But, it turns out it is NOT a good idea to leave these things plugged in […]

I’ve been advising, and urging, that an effort must be made to acquire a full “core dump” of all records, submittals, letters, emails, reports, etc. used in developing the NY draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (sSGEIS) for hydrofracturing in the Marcellus shale. The NY State regulation on so doing is available on the web […]

Malcolm Gladwell has a nice article in the New Yorker about how football players are, in some respects similar to dogs used in dogfights.  Their masters love what they do, despite the probability of their getting hurt really badly. Gladwell points out recent research on head in juries indicating that football players may be a […]

North Carolina plans to become the second state to charge its employees more for health insurance if they smoke or are obese, according to the Charlotte Observer (link): State workers who don’t cut out the Marlboros and Big Macs will end up paying more for health insurance. Tobacco users get placed in a more expensive […]

National Geographic has an article about giant sea blobs forming in the Med.  Apparently they have been around for years, but they are getting more and more frequent.  As they note, The blobs were first identified in 1729 in the Mediterranean, where they’re most often seen. The sea’s relative stillness and shallowness make the water […]

A friend at the World Bank just sent out this link to a youtube video on helping provide latrines in Cambodia.  Worth a peek.

A couple of months ago, Time Magazine ran a good article detailing a cornucopia of environmental and health problems stemming from our lousy food system. As they summarize

Photoshop Disasters is a pretty interesting web site.  It came to our attention after the imbroglio about the ultra-thin model came to light. Boing-boing has  weighed in with a rather scathing warning that attempts to silence criticism of such ridiculous images, which can have the effect of promoting anorexia, will not be tolerated, and that […]

Keeping things in perspective can be important, as people wend their way through various environmental issues.  As our friends at point out Nearly one billion people lack access to safe water and 2.5 billion do not have improved sanitation. The health and economic impacts are staggering.