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Natural gas lobbyists are criticizing the Duke-led study slated for publication in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The National Academy brings in the best scientists and engineers in the country, so this is no minor publication. How should the gas industry respond? How about sponsoring independent further research along the same lines? […]

The Detroit News has the sad facts here.  Detroit is still behind on mileage.  As they point out

There’s a new study out of Oregon called ““Life Cycle Assessment of Drinking Water Delivery Systems: Bottled Water, Tap Water and Home/Office Delivery Water.”  We’ll have more on the results soon. It’s plainly in the title, but I confess to having trouble when first I went to the Executive Summary (here), which does not have […]

One problematic event in the timeline of the PCB debacle on the Hudson, discussed yesterday here, was the removal in 1973 of the Fort Edward Dam, a hydroelectric dam about 50 miles north of Albany. This dam was downstream from much of General Electric’s PCB discharges at Fort Edward and Hudson Falls, NY, and a […]

Harper’s has a new article on that old, pesky-for-General Electric, case of their having pumped PCBs in to the Hudson River for many years, entitled The General Electric Superfraud:  Why the Hudson River will never run clean (December 2009). has a basic summary (here) of what transpired:

Along the East Cost, including Environment Memo’s HQ state of North Carolina, there’s a big need to rebuild the oyster beds. One way to do that is detailed here by the NC Division of Marine Fisheries, which states North Carolina is launching an innovative recycling program to collect oyster shells from individuals and businesses and […]

There’s a news release going around from a U of Illinois professor, Seung-Hyun Hong, regarding financial problems at the Post Office and attempts to stanch the flow of red ink. A basic solution is obvious, but it is not being discussed that I can see.

Recently, a letter (or rant, as per the magazine) to Wired Magazine, noted a newspaper hoax from 1835, in which one Richard Adams Locke duped the literate Western world into believing there were man-bats, unicorns, and upright beavers inhabiting the moon.