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LED traffic lights are great and save a lot of energy, but are causing some problems.  Because they don’t heat up, ice and snow doesn’t melt off of them, so people can’t see if a traffic light is red, green, or yellow; as recounted here.

There’s a nice, informative story about the history and dangers of cell phone use, covered in today’s NY Times, detailing how Long before cellphones became common, industry pioneers were aware of the risks of multitasking behind the wheel. Their hunches have been validated by many scientific studies showing the dangers of talking while driving and, […]

Consider the school bus. Busy in the morning and the afternoon, school buses sit in between and at night. What if we got them out on the streets, picking up passengers and dropping them off at intersections, all over town? New York City, the NYTimes reports, is moving to use school buses to help elderly […]

The Times has a recent article about the dangers of cell phone use while driving.  Basically, using a cell phone increases the chance of a crash by a factor of four, and, further, the chance of a crash is equal to that of someone with a .08 percent blood alcohol level, the point at which […]

Michael Moore says we should convert GM’s factories to producing the infrastructure for public transportation, including bullet trains and light rail, and that, meantime, they should move now to producing only electric cars and batteries. He suggests a $2 a gallon gasoline tax to help make this happen. It all makes perfect sense to me. […]

We at Environment Memo are inured to having to drive a lot. Where we live, it’s all pavement. (We can talk later about the effects of all this pavement on surface water quality. It isn’t pretty.) In fact North Carolina is rumored to be one of the most paved states, in terms of total surface […]