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Remember the “Thrilla in Manilla“? Anyway, this is not it. However, it seems that there’s a spotlight on a need to better dispose of lamps containing mercury. What does your own community do to handle these bulbs?

Oregon is moving towards banning plastic bags: An Oregon Senate committee has advanced a bill that would make Oregon the first state to ban single-use plastic grocery bags.

I’m skeptical of “green” companies’ claims until the right data comes out. Lab-scale and pilot-scale data are important (along with examination of waste products),  as well as other data such as standards verifications. The company, Cereplast, is soliciting investors and advertises a number of products, including Cereplast Compostables® Resins, which the company states

It turns out there’s lead (and arsenic, and other stuff) in those LED holiday lights, and maybe others as well. This result was found through leaching tests performed by researchers at Univ. of California, Irvine. Because it appears that leaching was required to mobilize these compounds for quantifying their presence,  I suspect that the immediate […]

Gazelle is a place to dump that old cellphone (or laptop, and other things), perhaps not for a lot of money, but they make it really easy by sending you a box.

The NYTimes has an article about how burning biomass may not be so hot after all. Some are for it, some are against it. Burning biomass (done in incinerators, creating steam to drive generators) sounds to me like a bad idea to pursue. One reason is that the incinerator companies won’t stop at wood scraps […]

Even Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger likes the California bill banning plastic bags: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger praised the Assembly for passing the plastic bag ban, which he called “a great victory for our environment.” But at last year’s Earth Day, Rush Limbaugh celebrated the inventor of the plastic bag.