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There’s a bit of a controversy in the Hollywood sludge world. It seems that there is a need to revisit the US Department of Agriculture’s requirements for organic food, which state Organic food is produced without using most conventional pesticides; fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge; or ionizing radiation. … USDA makes no […]

Over the transom just now came a press release about The recycling company RGS90 in Copenhagen has developed a method for recycling waste water sludge: The sludge turns into an environmentally friendly blasting agent which saves a fortune. After that it can be used as insulation material. … It sounds pretty good, but it should […]

There’s a lot of sludge out there, and there’s a constant procession of companies touting various technological solutions to making sludge problems go away. A new one just now came over the transom, from a listserve that pretty much passes along information without critical analysis. They don’t have the time or expertise for that, and […]

As a former sewer plant worker, I’m here to tell you that it’s true that they’ll put anything down the sewer. But this effort to liquify human remains and then send it down the sewer is one for the sludge books. It seems one funeral home in Ohio started doing this before the health department […]

I’ve been wondering in this “toxic red sludge,” which inundated several Hungarian towns. As I understand it so far, this material, sometimes known as “red mud,” comes from the Bayer process, used to extract alumina from bauxite. One very big problem with this material is that it is extremely caustic (high pH, to the chemists […]

Wastewater sludge and animal waste could be put to use to convert land which cannot be cultivated into arable areas for growing biofuels. At the World Biofuels conference in Seville, we are told that Martina Fleckenstein of the World Wild Fund for Nature said the WWF estimated 380-450 million hectares could be sustainably planted for […]

It’s just come out that Prague’s wastewater system was hit with very high levels of mercury. Somebody dumped on them. While treatment can eliminate most metals from the wastewater, the problem is the metals concentrate in the sewage sludge produced during treatment. It seems people in Prague are wanting to know both where the mercury […]

Where sanitation is lacking, one option is to defecate into plastic bags. Bags can be free (from stores, kiosks and the like), and after use are thrown in the trash or sometimes tossed away (thus the term “flying toilets”). Not very sanitary, but better than nothing. Now, a group (Peepoople) has an idea for a […]

Many who follow the sludge debates (primarily issues surrounding land application of wastewater sludges) are very interested in high tech alternatives. In all events, caution is always called for when information about such alternatives comes out, particularly when they are in press-release form. There’s a press-release style news article going around now about a technology […]