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The NYTimes has an article getting into radiation fears and how they are “overblown,” but unfortunately the author does not use the term “radioisotopes,” and does not distinguish between radiation we receive from x-ray machines and the like, and radiation we can receive from ingestion of radioisotopes. As an example, the article states that at […]

These guys have it right: … It is wrong to compare internal emitters with external emitters, ie, ingesting radioactive isotopes versus in-flight exposure or background radiation. It is like comparing warming oneself near a fire versus eating a red hot coal. [my emphasis] … They go further into the difference between radiation and contamination by […]

Today the BBC and other news outlets continue to inform us that Workers at Japan’s quake-hit nuclear plant are trying to prevent radioactive water from seeping into the sea. It’s not the H2O that’s emitting radiation, it’s radioisotopes, and there’s a big need to know what they are. It will be a dangerous business to […]

We’re seeing reports about detection of low levels of I-131 in US rainwater, such as results discussed here by the Harvard Health Blog. But, what about other radioisotopes? Given detection of plutonium near the reactor in Japan, it would be prudent to also test air and rainwater for plutonium, for example. (Note: Apparently, plutonium is […]