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China is beset with some of the worst air pollution ever. Residents are turning to facemasks, but, as reported by Planet Ark, some of them are not up to snuff: Face masks have become the norm for many city residents, although only nine out of 37 types tested recently by the China Consumers Association met […]

What manufacturer in China isn’t polluting? China does have environmental laws and regulations on the books, mind you, but obviously there’s no enforcement and no incentive to follow them. Just as obviously, products are far less expensive to manufacture when pollution controls are not a factor. Ring that register! Reports by the WSJ and others […]

Huffpost reports that Procter and Gamble will be phasing out microbeads, tiny plastic balls used in products like facial scrubs, body washes and toothpastes. They scrub away dead skin, similar to using a sponge, and are designed to wash down the drain. They don’t biodegrade, they’re going to be taken up by fish and other […]

The Keystone XL project is in the news again today, with Obama saying he won’t approve it if it will lead to further global climate change. That’s just about a no-brainer, since we need to produce, refine and burn fewer hydrocarbons, not more. But it’s as good a rationale as any to can this turkey. […]

So, Lisa Jackson, formerly head of the EPA, will be Apple’s new top level executive to oversee its environmental efforts

This pig-dumping in China can’t reflect good things, and is a kind of a tip-of-the-iceberg thing. Upwards of 6,000 pigs have been dumped into the river serving as Shanghai’s water supply, which followed police campaigns to curb the illicit trade of pork products harvested from diseased pigs.

Coral reefs are disappearing due to increasing ocean temperatures, water pollution, and acidification (caused by increasing carbon dioxide levels). However, Parrot fish “can prevent algae from choking coral” because they “eat a wide variety of reef organisms” (cf Wikipedia). Down in Jamaica, unfortunately, as reported by ABC News, parrotfish are now the most popular catch […]

It’s time to weigh in on the issue of Apple’s treatment of workers, or Apple’s suppliers’ treatment of workers, in China. Something important is missing. It seems to me that the pollution aspects of manufacturing are getting short shrift in the reporting. Apple should be addressing this factor in a big way also, or it […]

A factory costing $1.2 billion to build in Dalian, China  is going to be relocated, after protests by tens of thousands of students, white-collar workers and other residents of the affluent coastal city