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There’s news about studies showing how to reduce BPA exposure by minimizing plastic food packaging by going to glass containers for storage and microwaving, and stopping using things in cans lined with BPA-containing plastics, among other approaches. It turns out that even BPA-free materials could still have compounds of concern, such as phthalates, which is […]

People are hoarding razor blades, trying to get ahead of the crazy update cycle of newer, better, and way more expensive razors and blades. However, the article does not mention one means of extending razor blade life tremendously. As I noted in a previous post, drying the blades with a hair dryer costs very little, […]

Gazelle is a place to dump that old cellphone (or laptop, and other things), perhaps not for a lot of money, but they make it really easy by sending you a box.

Starbucks finally is getting free wifi… to help the unemployed. As the NY Times writes: The coffee chain is catering in part to people who are out of work Sounds good. Going to Starbucks has been the farthest thing from my mind since learning years back that their wireless was on a fee basis. But […]

Being eco-friendly includes telling consumers everything that is in a product. Every ingredient, every chemical, every constituent. That’s why I’m impressed with the firm, MBDC (McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry), which certifies products according to “cradle to cradle” criteria. Among other information they require, a company must submit All material ingredients identified (down to the 100 […]

The Environmental Working Group’s recommendations for sunscreen includes the following statement: Our top-rated sunscreens all contain the minerals zinc or titanium. They are the right choice for people who are looking for the best UVA protection without any sunscreen chemical considered to be a potential hormone disruptor. None of the products contain oxybenzone or vitamin […]

Now that we have a huge oil slick making landfall on the Gulf Coast, Obama is putting a halt to further drilling, at least for now. Meanwhile, calls to stop the drilling surge off the east coast and elsewhere are revving up. So, a disaster leads to a rethinking of energy policies meant to increase […]

MotherJones lists some interesting  iPhone “Eco Apps” here.(Which reminds me of the recent New Yorker cartoon showing a fellow who, fired from his job, came home to say to his wife, ” I was replaced by an app.”) These iPhone apps are interesting even to non iPhone and non iTouch owners,  in that they reveal […]

Forbes has a short piece with calculations of the payback period for the extra cost of a new hybrid car, pointing out that as far as buying a hybrid goes, Don’t do it to save money. At $3 a gallon for gas, it takes a long time for a hybrid car to pay back its […]