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The LATimes ran a story last year after the death of the inventor of the neutron bomb, Samuel T. Cohen. Cohen believed that this bomb would lead to safer warfare, but, as one might imagine, others disagreed. Apparently, President Reagan ordered up many hundreds of these bombs, which were supposed to have been dismantled following […]

It’s hard to believe that China will proceed with their plans to build as many as 50 nuclear reactors over the next five years If there is eventually an accident that unfolds in China like the current one in Japan, they may have their hands full keeping order. Stay tuned.

OK, so the Germans want to “stress test” nuclear power plants. What does that mean? Reminds me of the emergency dive scene in the movie, Das Boot:

My invitation to the World Economic Forum at Davos must have been lost in the mail. So I have had to read about it on the web and in the papers like everyone else. Had I been there, in between cavorting on the slopes and cocktail parties, I would have invited the people at the […]

The Iowa Independent has an article discussing how Iowans who got sick working for our nation’s nuclear weapons industry during the Cold War were promised that a federal program would provide them medical benefits and lump sum payments for illnesses associated with their work. … This work was mostly on nuclear weaponry, and congressional action […]

There’s big news these days about Iran’s nuclear ambitions, and how Iran might be proceeding to further enrich uranium and build ten new nuclear facilities, as reported here by the LA Times. This activity, and Western saber rattling in response, brings to mind Ted Koppel’s NY Times Op-Ed piece in 2006, called “An Offer Tehran […]

Wired Magazine has an interesting story about a Soviet-era doomsday device that is apparently still active.  As reported there, the system was to guarantee an automatic Soviet response to an American nuclear strike.