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The take home message: treat all raw meat as if it has contamination on it and in it. Because it might. Then be logical. Cook the meat properly, don’t put cooked meat back on plates that held raw meat, wash your hands, keep things clean. The new wrinkle is a new study involving meat from […]

An interesting article in Forbes explains how a well-known Stanford biochemist, Patrick O. Brown, is moving from genetics research to helping change farming and food consumption patterns. Brown’s reasoning stems from the fact that livestock practices result in so much methane and nitrous oxide, which trap heat far more efficiently than does carbon dioxide (mechanisms […]

Recently, a friend of mine got food poisoning soon (during that night) after eating pre-cooked chicken from a local grocery.  She went back to inform them, and was told that this was impossible because it takes something like 36 hours to get food poisoning from eating such food, and it could not have happened that […]