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Wow, in Pennsylvania, doctors can access information about fracking chemicals their patients might have been exposed to, but as reported in the Atlantic, a new bill requires those health professionals to sign a confidentiality agreement stating that they will not disclose that information to anyone else — not even the person they’re trying to treat.

There’s a fair amount of press about a nurse getting fired for refusing to get a flu shot. Among other reasons, she apparently claims through an attorney that she can refuse because of some broadly based application under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits religious discrimination of employees.

EPA is proposing new air pollution rules for coal burning and is currently taking public comments on them. It’s pretty incredible that, as reported by the American Lung Association,

In NYC, there’s a new law: A new law went into effect Monday banning smoking in 43 square miles of parks, public plazas, beaches and boardwalks in the city. In the last days, free cigars were on offer.

The Toronto Sun reports heavy metals have been found in commonly used make-up products. It’s not clear what concentrations of the various metals, including arsenic, were, but the article makes the point that build-up of these toxic elements can be cumulative. I wonder what the make-up industry response will be. They should have a look […]

Insects carrying diseases like West Nile virus and malaria and moving into new territory. As reported in WaPo: … The incremental boost already detected in the Earth’s temperature, for example, has expanded the range and activities of disease carriers. …

It turns out that prostate removal may be a good idea for men younger than 65 who have certain kinds of prostate cancer, as opposed to watchful waiting. This result came from a recent study in Sweden.

The website CoalCares satirizes the coal industry, offering free inhalers to American youngsters with asthma and to help them keep their heads high in the face of those who would treat them with less than full dignity. For kids who have no choice but to use an inhaler, Coal Cares™ lets them inhale with pride. […]

It turns out that tatoo ink hasn’t ever had much scrutiny, and nobody knows what’s in some of them: The Food and Drug Administration has the authority to regulate tattoo ink. But until recently, it hadn’t, citing more pressing public health problems and a lack of consumer complaints. FDA chemist Dr. Bhakti Petigara Harp says […]