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It seems that Mitt Romney, through Bain Capital, may well have  invested in Stericycle, a medical-waste disposal firm that has been attacked by anti-abortion groups for disposing aborted fetuses collected from family planning clinics. Stericycle incinerates a lot of medical wastes and such, although their use of incinerators does not exactly jump out at you […]

The Olympic medals have a “small” amount of metal content extracted from electronic waste, as discussed here at, which is considered a good thing. It would be a better thing if they were 100% from recycled waste.

Speaking of nuclear power, BusinessWeek reports, regarding efforts to derail plans for two new reactor units at the V.C. Summer Nuclear Station near Jenkinsville. … The [Nuclear Regulatory] commission said the Atomic Safety Licensing Board had “wrongly erred” in denying Friends of the Earth, which opposes the $9.8 billion project to add two, 1,117-megawatt reactor […]

Today’s headlines and stories about the latest Somali piracy don’t get into the issue, unfortunately. As detailed by Project Censored in its article, “Toxic Waste Behind Somoli Pirates”: The international community has come out in force to condemn and declare war on the Somali fishermen pirates, while discreetly protecting the illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) […]