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Will people be abandoning Florida after recent tragic sinkhole events? I suppose there are a lot of news media types pointing out how it’s more likely you’ll be hit by lightning than getting swallowed by a sinkhole. The scientific story, from a great USGS article, for those who’ve missed, it is that

A number of people, including this writer (here and here, among other posts), have been advocating use of benign substances for hydraulic fracturing.  There are indications that such is possible. For example, in a recent article,  the Washingon Post noted that

In following-up on my previous post about how it seems very likely that hydrofracking in the Marcellus shale and other places can be done with non-toxic chemicals and substances,  I came up with a new hypothesis.  Call it Bierck’s Hypothesis (or not).  This is it: Hydrofracking can be done effectively and efficiently with benign, non-toxic […]

There’s a big need to ask, in terms of plans to hydrofrack the Marcellus (and other) shales to get out the gas:  what fracking chemicals are really necessary to create the cracks, and then keep them open (proppants)? Why can’t things be accomplished solely with with non-toxic compounds? The list of chemicals for fracking is […]

In the last post, the text of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 that changes “Paragraph (1) of section 1421(d) (42 U.S.C. 300h(d)” of the Safe Drinking Water Act was cited. It is interesting to consider  Paragaph (2) of that section, which was not amended.  That paragraph reads