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This one is making the rounds: the Bose Noise Cancelling Toilet. Enough said, except to add that the comment on reddit on using rearbuds is apropos.

I never knew there were so many phobias, until I found The Phobia List.  It’s a loooong list. A few samples: Androphobia- Fear of men. Apeirophobia- Fear of infinity. Chorophobia- Fear of dancing. Gynephobia or Gynophobia- Fear of women. Hamartophobia- Fear of sinning. Mycrophobia- Fear of small things. Novercaphobia- Fear of your step-mother. Nucleomituphobia- Fear […]

Will people be abandoning Florida after recent tragic sinkhole events? I suppose there are a lot of news media types pointing out how it’s more likely you’ll be hit by lightning than getting swallowed by a sinkhole. The scientific story, from a great USGS article, for those who’ve missed, it is that

Floating debris, around 20 million tons of it, from the Japan Tsunami is heading for California over the next couple of years.

I missed the revelation last year that A helium shortage means that helium balloons should cost about $100 each.

This talk about building libertarian countries at sea has me wondering about law enforcement. They might not need armies, but they’ll likely need police. Years back, a friend of mine suggested we see the movie, Barquero, which was not one of the best movies I’ve seen. Basically, things go to hell in a handbasket when […]

So they want to create floating libertarian countries in international waters They’ve been looking at configurations, it seems. Ship, barge or semi-submersible? No self-respecting libertarian, with billions to donate, would go for something as prosaic as a barge, would they? Give me Verne’s Nautilus, dammit!  But that’s just me.

Found on Mars (but probably not a shelter).

Japanese institutions are being asked to set their thermostats to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s not too bad if it takes out a lot of the humidity. The idea is tied to getting the salarymen and others to wear less clothing, including such items as Kariyushi shirts, made only in Okinawa and intended to promote tourism […]