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There’s a lot of buzz about mushroom kits for the home. Maybe this will get my kids to try them.

9 CFR 319.15 (a) Miscellaneous Beef Products goes on to say that …. When beef cheek meat (trimmed beef cheeks) is used in the preparation of chopped or ground beef, the amount of such cheek meat shall be limited to 25 percent; and if in excess of natural proportions, its presence shall be declared on […]

It’s a long story, but in the end, a lawsuit was lost a few years back because Carl’s Jr. provided survey evidence to show that 36 percent of people thought Angus meat came from cow ass, which begs the bigger question of why they sell Angus burgers at all if they acknowledge a third of […]

Taco Bell is being sued based upon a claim that its beef/ground beef is mostly other stuff. They’re not being sued for money, apparently, but just to make a point. Legal definitions (perhaps tied to some laboratory work) might make for a quick resolution of the controversy. Chicagoist has found the following from the Code […]

Interesting series of photos of a happy meal, not decomposing.

There’s a lot of buzz about Frito Lay removing its “noisy,” but biodegradable bag, off the market. Sales are down, publicity is bad, so of course the bag should be taken off the market. The fact is, many, if not most, of their chips contain artificial ingredients, including artificial color. People just don’t want this […]

I’ve never liked the term “natural” on food labels. It really has no definition. (And the term “hypoallergenic” is equally meaningless, when it comes to pillows and such.) Ben and Jerry’s ice cream as made voluntarily a stand-up decision to drop the term natural from its labels, due to presence of ice creams and frozen […]

It’s important to focus on the safety of these frankenfish, but the safety hubbub is masking rational examination of whether they really would be less expensive than the salmon we can buy now. That’s just not going to  happen, for a number of reasons. PBS Newshour had a discussion last night on these salmon, which […]

I’ve been off on a vacation, but have heard snatches about the salmonella fuss here and there. But I don’t understand the problem, because, as I learned while studying public health, one has to flat out assume that salmonella is in and on raw eggs, as well as in and on raw chicken, and act […]