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Say it ain’t so, Ikea! Horsemeat in your meatballs? To the unitiated, it’s fun to remind readers about this saying:

As reported, Disney will start restricting junk food commercials on all Disney-owned channels during programming blocks aimed at kids under 12 years of age

Iowa appears to be heading for trouble, and PETA is up in arms about a new Iowa bill that could result in penalties on animal rights activists who pose as employees or attempt to get inside agricultural production facilities in other ways to expose possible animal cruelty.

Food shortages are going to be a serious problem, as food prices rise.

There’s a bit of a controversy in the Hollywood sludge world. It seems that there is a need to revisit the US Department of Agriculture’s requirements for organic food, which state Organic food is produced without using most conventional pesticides; fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge; or ionizing radiation. … USDA makes no […]

Important components must be ensured for USDA’s proposed new pilot program, in which Under the agency’s new two-year pilot project, biotech developers would conduct their own environmental assessment of transgenic crops or pay contractors to perform the analysis. Then USDA would review the reports and approve them or send them back for more study. All […]

That new alfalfa from Monsanto apparently works by placing DNA from bacteria genes within the alfalfa’s DNA. It’s interesting that one argument for Genetically Modified Organisms is that, hey, we’ve been doing that for centuries, by breeding dogs, beans and such.

Growing meat in vats may be the way to go, despite the fact that it’s difficult to get research funding for it. As people studying cultured meat at the U of SC point out, yogurt, beer and wine are all cultured products; they’d call the meat factory a “carnery.”

Score another one for Monsanto. Genetically modified alfalfa was approved last week by the USDA. This stuff is similar to Monsanto’s other products: it resists their herbicide Roundup, so that weeds can be readily killed without killing the crop, ostensibly helping crop yields. The organics industry is concerned, because organic food cannot have such genetic […]