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There’s been a fair amount of media buzz lately about activist/journalist Naomi Klein. This led me to check out her views and methods. Here’s an interview with Klein by Bill Moyers (actually, it’s the first half of the one-hour show), which helps understand where she and her compatriots are coming from. One of the things […]

I’ve been puzzling over Obama’s pick to be Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell. As The Hill has it, she previously worked as an engineer at Mobil Oil Corp. and in banking prior to joining REI.

Mayor of NYC and all around smart, rich guy, Michael Bloomberg hates coal, as reported by The Hill. He says “coal is dead.” Coal use is declining in the US, due to toughening environmental regulations (motivated largely by health concerns), and declining natural gas prices. However, coal is still the cheapest source of energy, burned […]

There’s a lot of buzz about Mark Lynas having done an about face on GMOs: In a January 2013 lecture to the Oxford Farming Conference, Lynas detailed his conversion from an organizer of the the anti-GMO food movement in Europe to becoming a supporter of the technology.

The LATimes has a good summary of the recent government spying scandal in Britain, in which an undercover government agent named Kennedy helped get six eco activists on charges of conspiracy to commit aggravated trespass. Full of remorse, Kennedy, who had not been called to testify by prosecutors, offered to instead supply testimony to help […]

MotherJones lists some interesting  iPhone “Eco Apps” here.(Which reminds me of the recent New Yorker cartoon showing a fellow who, fired from his job, came home to say to his wife, ” I was replaced by an app.”) These iPhone apps are interesting even to non iPhone and non iTouch owners,  in that they reveal […]

In looking some at the background of the new appointee to head up EPA’s Region 7, I see he authored an interesting book about a dam that wasn’t built. As discussed here by the University of Washington Press, Public Power, Private Dams: The Hell’s Canyon High Dam Controversy, by Karl Boyd Brooks,was about a dam […]

In my view, we need people with thorough scientific and engineering backgrounds in leadership positions at EPA. But now it seems we have a historian (with a law degree) appointed as head of EPA’s Region 7, based in Kansas City. As reported in the Kansas City Business journal:

Did the anti-whaling ship, the Andy Gil, jump the shark by using aggressive weaponry in the form of lasers meant to impair the ability to see (albeit temporarily). The ship was sunk by a Japanese whaling vessel a few days ago, as widely reported and discussed here. As they write here at,