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North Carolina’s environmental reputation took a big hit with Duke Energy’s coal ash spill in February into the Dan River. Among other worries, large Duke Energy investors are now asking for a report by May 1 on what’s up, as discussed by the AP here. And the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources […]

The Keystone XL project is in the news again today, with Obama saying he won’t approve it if it will lead to further global climate change. That’s just about a no-brainer, since we need to produce, refine and burn fewer hydrocarbons, not more. But it’s as good a rationale as any to can this turkey. […]

Mayor of NYC and all around smart, rich guy, Michael Bloomberg hates coal, as reported by The Hill. He says “coal is dead.” Coal use is declining in the US, due to toughening environmental regulations (motivated largely by health concerns), and declining natural gas prices. However, coal is still the cheapest source of energy, burned […]

The round file is the trash can, and it’s hard to believe National Geographic would be touting this idea without providing some discussion of the inefficiency (read: waste) of wireless power transmission. As their article says, quoting the CEO of a firm selling this approach for charging electric cars: “The electric-car industry has figured out […]

This guy must have attended the Tony Hayward school of PR. J. Wayne Leonard (aka “Melt Down” Leonard), CEO of Entergy, flamed out big-time at a recent investor meeting. As the NYPost put it: The clueless CEO in charge of the upstate Indian Point nuclear plant had a stunning meltdown in judgment when he kicked […]

I’m sorry, Joe, but your business roots are showing. Your background of course allows you to have opinions, but evaluating hydraulic fracturing, as you’ve done from your pulpit at the NYTimes, is a step into a world of multidisciplinary science and engineering that requires a certain amount of humility (which I’m sure you do have […]

Joe Nocera in the NYTimes today argues for Congress to pass the “Boone Pickens Bill,” which provides incentives for increasing use of natural gas by trucks and other large vehicles in particular. Having given up on his huge wind-farm, Pickens now is dedicating his efforts to gas, and damn the torpedoes. The numbers cited are […]

Now we are learning that the environmental advantages of gas may not be all that they’re cracked up to be, for fundamental reasons that included the following: Lots of gas escapes during drilling/hydrofracking, and during transport. A whole lot. Methane’s contribution to climate change may be far greater than previously thought. Most power plants that […]

Apparently, there are some non-technical types out there who think that new, smart electric meters might cause cancer. Mother Jones gets into it in a headline-grabbing article, “Will Smart Meters Give you Cancer?” The article goes on report that experts agree that this is a non-issue, and that smart meters might actually help lower your […]