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Tidal power is another great way of getting clean energy, with no emissions. A small installation (50 MW, expandable to 200 MW) is currently planned for India, and the article reports more slated for South Korea.   Good stuff. One of the granddaddies (for 30 years) of tidal power is in La Rance, France, where […]

This approach can solve the problem of storing solar energy for later use, far more efficiently than using batteries. It should be far less expensive than nuclear power, to boot. Read about it here in  Scientific American. It’s also a far more promising approach to invest in than, say, oil from algae, and it’s already […]

Wastewater sludge and animal waste could be put to use to convert land which cannot be cultivated into arable areas for growing biofuels. At the World Biofuels conference in Seville, we are told that Martina Fleckenstein of the World Wild Fund for Nature said the WWF estimated 380-450 million hectares could be sustainably planted for […]

A good review of the issues, and pointing out how the Obama administration is still going for it, big time, at Yale360 here.

To me, the “faithful” are those who accept, without reservation, that there is no link between vaccines and autism in children. They examine the studies demonstrating there is no link, and assume all the bases have been covered. But is that really the case? Has there been a thorough vetting of all assumptions behind these […]

Texas oil barons won’t give up easily. They would love to become gas barons now. In spite of their pleas, we need to recognize that the sooner we end the carbon economy, the better. And Texas is doing very well with wind, despite claims to the contrary. Over the weekend, the Houston Chronicle ran an […]

The algae industry is but one example of the crying need for independent evaluation of claims before we expend even more tax dollars on them. I’ll get to an important precedent for this approach in a moment. The algae industry is on a tear, crying crocodile tears about tax incentives. Thus we see them as […]

Wind-power as an alternative to gas is a no-brainer. Wind generates tax money as readily as gas-power, there’s no paying for drilling rights, and those pesky environmental problems with hydrofracking in the Marcellus shale, and elsewhere,  just don’t exist. Unfortunately, wind-power generators are under attack from gas-power firms, because wind-power generators can’t guarantee what they […]

BP is teaming the firm, Verenium, on commercializing cellulosic ethanol, as announced here. But it turns out that Verenium has been getting big bucks from us, the taxpayers (they list DOE grants of $4.6 million in 2007 and $40 million in 2008, and a pending DOE loan, as well). Verenium claims in a fact sheet […]