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There are concerns that a 150 MW wind plant in Florida might slice and dice a few birds. (Although it seems the blades move slower than earlier designs, giving the birds a chance to get out of the way, I suppose.) The obvious solution is to build, say, 10 of the 100 turbines, and see […]

Pickens has dropped wind as part of his energy reliance plan, focusing wholly on natural gas. He’s going with what he knows. Too bad he does not know more.

As the LA Times reports, the maker of the film, Who Killed the Electric Car, has come out with a sequel, The Revenge of the Electric Car:

Turns out that Newt Gingrich’s consulting firm was a hired consultant to a major ethanol lobbying group—at more than $300,000 a year. Well, he’s an expert, after all.

Joe Nocera in the NYTimes today argues for Congress to pass the “Boone Pickens Bill,” which provides incentives for increasing use of natural gas by trucks and other large vehicles in particular. Having given up on his huge wind-farm, Pickens now is dedicating his efforts to gas, and damn the torpedoes. The numbers cited are […]

The Economist has a lengthy article on the future of nuclear energy, which concludes … Distressing though it is, the crisis at Fukushima Dai-ichi is not in itself a reason for the world to change energy policy. The public-health effects seem likely, in the long run, to be small. … The trouble is, it ain’t […]

The earth’s heat is free, and that might explain why businesses and their lobbyists have not promoted geothermal energy. I don’t know why Japan can’t be exploiting geothermal energy, inasmuch as they are in a “ring of fire.”  This argument by a business-guy in Forbes certainly does not hold water: If it could be done, […]

The incandescent light bulb is slated for phase-out, but some folks are readying to hoard them, it seems. I can see why. I’ve bought some really bad compact fluorescent bulbs in recent years. They can be slow to come on, and can be quite dim at first, brightening slowly to their rated luminosity level. Painful, […]

Using power when it is produced is an important component of the renewable energy mix. Here, when the wind is blowing, a German facility can lower fish storage temperatures to levels well below what’s necessary to keep them frozen. Then, when wind speeds decline, the fish can warm up a bit, but still stay frozen.  […]