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There’s been a fair amount of media buzz lately about activist/journalist Naomi Klein. This led me to check out her views and methods. Here’s an interview with Klein by Bill Moyers (actually, it’s the first half of the one-hour show), which helps understand where she and her compatriots are coming from. One of the things […]

Some Florida DJ’s should get a medal instead of getting fired. It seems they announced on the air Monday morning that there was “dihydrogen monoxide” in the Lee County water supply

I’ve been puzzling over Obama’s pick to be Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell. As The Hill has it, she previously worked as an engineer at Mobil Oil Corp. and in banking prior to joining REI.

So, it seems there are 4th grade curriculum materials developed by Scholastic with funding from the coal industry, which touts the use of coal but without noting the negative effects of mining and burning coal: the removal of Appalachian mountaintops; the release of sulfur dioxide, mercury and arsenic; the toxic wastes; the mining accidents; the […]

This is not new news, but bears repeating: the human brain is not fully, fully developed until the age of about 25. Go figure. My theory is that teenagers who have any sense, upon being told this fact, ought not want to do things chemically to their brains, at least while it is being formed. […]

Sachel Paige, the baseball player famous for his quick wit and laid back approach to life, used to make the TV talk show circuit. He’d often recite some of his famous quotes. One I remember is Never run anywhere. I’ve not been able to verify that one, but there are some other good ones on […]

The Texas Tribune reports that Nearly a third of Texans believe humans and dinosaurs roamed the earth at the same time, and more than half disagree with the theory that humans developed from earlier species of animals, according to the University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll. … Isn’t Texas the state that has some sort of […]