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Obama’s $447 billion plan is a huge gamble. Public works programs and such are traditional methods of jump-starting an economy. The trouble is, there are tremendous resource constraints: there are just not enough materials to go around, on a global basis. We’ve cut way back on resource utilization, of necessity, and it may be best […]

Oil and gas prices have not gone up, even with the ban on deep-water oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

As reported in the San Jose Mercury News, Intel and others are coming up with advertising signs that can recognize the demographic characteristics of people standing in front of them and instantly change their ads While I don’t advocate so doing, I would imagine there will be more than a couple of monkey wrenchers out […]

She has a website, The Story of Stuff, and a new book by the same name. Here’s her Colbert Report interview: The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Annie Leonard Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor Skate Expectations

I had not heard of the Equator Principles, which are discussed in an article in the Malaysian Insider:

There’s new news about how happy we are, state-wise, in an update of a  poll ultimately funded by the insurance industry. has a rundown here, reporting that Utah and Hawaii have the happiest people, overall, while Kentucky and West Virginia are at the bottom. What makes me suspicious about this poll (and others of […]

It’s hard to resist noting the recent discussion of the economy by Bill Gross, the famous bond investor, called  “Doo Doo Economics” at his firm Pimco’s website. Gross compares picking up after one’s dog to what is happening in places like California, economically and metaphorically speaking.  He points out how California’s  education system has apparently […]