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Years back, comic books ran an advertisement with the headline, “They Laughed When I Wound Up My Razor!”  The Thorens Riviera model, shown here at the nice museum site Simply Switch On…!, most closely resembles the one I remember.  There were a couple of paragraphs discussing the advantages of a wind-up mechanical razor.  Of course, […]

As our economy starts to shrink and people lose jobs, self-sufficiency will again come to the fore.  Benjamin Franklin wrote of the virtues of being able to do many things for oneself, saving money on house repairs and the like. We will also need to better build community, so that people living near each other […]

While doing some research on detergents, I’ve come across some do-it-yourself recipes for making laundry soap, such as this one and one here.  Most of these recipes include shaving (or grating) a bar or two of regular handsoap. These approaches seem to be a good way to save a lot of money on laundry detergents.  […]

There’s an interesting book that came out a couple of years ago, called The 64 Dollar Tomato.  My own  experience with tomatoes in recent times was with starter plants, which ended up yielding tomatoes at about $1 each, taking into account tools, fencing to keep the deer away, etc.  I gave up in view of […]

As a sign of the economic times, more and more people are starting to think about growing their own.  As reviewed in USA Today, seed sales are way up.  My sources tell me that compost sales are way, way up this year, with many people asking for advice on how to start a vegetable garden. […]