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There’s been a fair amount of media buzz lately about activist/journalist Naomi Klein. This led me to check out her views and methods. Here’s an interview with Klein by Bill Moyers (actually, it’s the first half of the one-hour show), which helps understand where she and her compatriots are coming from. One of the things […]

There’s a recent article in the NYTimes reviewing some aspects of the upcoming battle over the administration’s new proposed power plant emissions rules and its optimistic take on carbon (dioxide) capture and storage (CCS): E.P.A. rules sometimes demand technological advancements, but the goals that the agency establishes have to be met by techniques that existing […]

There’s big news that today the administration will announce new carbon dioxide limits for coal-fired electric plants. First, note that the Supreme Court already has said that carbon dioxide can be regulated as a pollutant.  (I don’t know why the president doesn’t keep pressing this fact, but that’s just me.) The only way really under […]

There’s big press lately about the methane-release study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and led by good people at the University of Texas. From the headlines you’d think things are looking up for the fracking industry, but upon closer inspection, it’s clear that is not the case. As noted in […]

This might be an example of everybody trying to get a piece of the environmental act. Now there’s a study out of UC Berkeley, with results apparently demonstrating that conflict, including domestic violence and ethnic violence, was heightened as temperatures rose.

Glaciers move downhill under the weight of packed snow and ice. I’d missed this one back in February about the Lyell Glacier: the largest glacier in Yosemite National Park, has stagnated, or ceased its downhill movement, according to a recent study

LA Times reports that the Arctic could experience a nearly ice-free summer by 2020 That can’t be good. The article discusses recent research findings explaining why we might see more snow at our latitudes, at least for a while. It seems that reductions in arctic ice cover slows the jet stream. That can’t be good, […]

Coral reefs are disappearing due to increasing ocean temperatures, water pollution, and acidification (caused by increasing carbon dioxide levels). However, Parrot fish “can prevent algae from choking coral” because they “eat a wide variety of reef organisms” (cf Wikipedia). Down in Jamaica, unfortunately, as reported by ABC News, parrotfish are now the most popular catch […]

Here, Joe Romm of Climate Progress follows up on Bill McKibben‘s recent evisceration of Robert Bryce, who is a rather prolific fellow. Among other dubious propositions, Bryce has tried to make hay by saying that, because Einstein was wrong, climate scientists probably are wrong also. But Einstein wasn’t wrong. On the one hand, it’s good […]