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There’s a recent article in the NYTimes reviewing some aspects of the upcoming battle over the administration’s new proposed power plant emissions rules and its optimistic take on carbon (dioxide) capture and storage (CCS): E.P.A. rules sometimes demand technological advancements, but the goals that the agency establishes have to be met by techniques that existing […]

There’s big news that today the administration will announce new carbon dioxide limits for coal-fired electric plants. First, note that the Supreme Court already has said that carbon dioxide can be regulated as a pollutant.  (I don’t know why the president doesn’t keep pressing this fact, but that’s just me.) The only way really under […]

It seems a carbon dioxide facility may be leaking, allegedly killing animals and damaging property in Saskatchewan, Canada. I just don’t get all the government money being put into carbon capture and sequestration. For example,

Carbon sequestration research funds would be far better spent on public transportation. We’d emit far less CO2 that way. Grok gets into aspects of the science here, but huge expenditures by various agencies would fund a lot of trains. (And carbon sequestration will be hugely expensive in and of itself, as Climate Progress gets into […]

Climate Progress does a real good job of addressing the latest NY Times news about Calera, the firm touting a process to sequester carbon dioxide in cement. A bit of research reveals that Calera received about $1.4 of federal stimulus money from the Department of Energy (link to spreadsheet here), helping buttress the point that […]

Adding iron to the ocean does result in phytoplankton growth, potentially taking up carbon in the process. But the future of the method was never very bright, as we can glean from the early history of the concept,which I’ll discuss in an upcoming post. New research buttresses concerns that have been around from the idea’s […]