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Tony Hayward is reported to be out, as I called it back in May, when I advised him to dust off that dissertation (title: Tertiary ophiolite-related sedimentation in S.W. Turkey). A very dry read, no doubt. It’s still sitting on the shelf in the library at the University of Edinburgh. I wonder if he ever […]

The BP oil leak may have  numbed us in the US, but the spill in the Yellow Sea is reported to have ruined this lovely beach:

As temperatures increase, things happen faster. Bacteria grow and eat stuff faster, chemicals diffuse faster, chemical reactions go quicker, than at lower temperatures. So, processes tending to clean things up in the Gulf might go faster than they have in Alaska following the Exxon Valdez spill. There are many factors that could affect positive aspects […]

AP reports that … Of 50,000 wells drilled over the past six decades in the Gulf, 23,500 have been permanently abandoned. … Are they being properly monitored, spot-checked or otherwise examined? Maybe leaks from so many wells contribute to the huge dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico:

Physical-chemical data on crude oil are useful for understanding many aspects of the oil spill. Here’s a good compendium of crude oil data, from a larger technical listing of other aspects of the spill. Chemical constituents of the crude oil not only include hydrocarbons significantly more dense than seawater (such as asphaltene), but heavy metals.

Interesting compendium of distortions by the right-wing noise machine, including: BP was only drilling “out there” because environmentalists and the federal government “made them” do it … Obama waited weeks before responding to the oil spill

Some are suggesting that the stock prices in oil drilling firms are going to go way up for the usual reasons: we need the oil, we can’t quit, etc. But I think these firms will experience a boom for another reason: increasing regulation. It’s highly like that new regulations will require that deep-water oil wells […]

Obama’s oil spill commission looks insufficiently staffed for the task at hand. Let me explain why. First, note that the political class is almost 100% attorneys without any technical expertise whatsoever. Thus, they do not always make the best decisions about which expertise to apply to a problem, and how. Moreover, going with what they […]

Wow, the Judge who ruled against the drilling ban owns drilling stocks. Kind of makes you stop and think, doesn’t it?