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BBC reports that folks in the US are about to declare bedbugs a pandemic, noting one pest control expert says that people should look out for an “almond smell” and red spots on bedclothes as signs of infestation. That’s ironic: cyanide also is  said to smell like almonds. Further, bedbugs are

Interesting material from UC Davis: Recent research has shown searching with dogs can be an effective method for finding bed bug infestations. Under laboratory and simulated-field conditions, using dogs to search for bed bugs was 97% effective. Next up: “The Bedbug Whisperer.”

Wow, I guess we need to be careful with clothes at the clothing store, not to mention the thrift stores such as the Salvation Army.

Bedbugs are big in the news these days. One scary fact: It seems they can go a year or more without eating Hearty little things, aren’t they?