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Art imitates life in this latest dumpster decoration derby. The NY Times reports here on the work of artist C. Finley, who with some friends has been wallpapering a Dumpster in an elegant blue-and-white floral. A second Dumpster, covered in a green William Morris pattern and stuffed with a Christmas tree, had been finished elsewhere […]

Escaping can be good, if for short times and if it is not part of an overall escape from responsibilities. The movie Avatar takes us to a wholly other environment, another planet, in ways never done before. Cool stuff for the kid in us. From the Techcrunch review

It’s interesting to compare artistic, albeit cynical, sentiments of results of civilization shown in the works of Thomas Cole and, more recently, R. Crumb. Cole did a series of five paintings, The Course of Empire, 1833-36. Oil on canvas, The New-York Historical Society, as detailed at, here. ┬áCole is quoted as having written in […]