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The clown fish, made famous by the Disney movie, Finding Nemo, is endangered, as reported by the Center for Biological diversity, which is

Animal waste and human waste are treated far differently, and therein lies a tale. The bottom-line reason for the difference, in the main, is cost. But it’s important to keep in mind the fundamentals here: animal waste is not all that much different than human waste. The Wisconsin State Journal has a lengthy article entitled […]

As far as I’m concerned, no self respecting carp would be caught dead swimming in the Mississippi River, so one can hardly blame them for trying to make a bee-line for the far more pristine (but not perfect) waters of the Great Lakes. The problem: invasive (aka “marauding”) Asian carp might get into the Great […]

Is bear-hunting civilized? I suppose some would say that it depends upon how it’s done. At present, there’s a movement afoot to return to bear-hunting in New Jersey, as reported here in the New York Post. Others have a different take on the matter, including the Humane Society, which will no doubt be working hard […]

Did the anti-whaling ship, the Andy Gil, jump the shark by using aggressive weaponry in the form of lasers meant to impair the ability to see (albeit temporarily). The ship was sunk by a Japanese whaling vessel a few days ago, as widely reported and discussed here. As they write here at,

This is interesting. The photonic disruptors on the sunk anti-whaling vessel, the Andy Gil, discussed previously here, sent out a green beam.  These disruptors are meant to cause temporary blindness. Here’s a screenshot from a video put up by the Institute of Cetacean Research (aka the Japanese whaling fleet), which links to the video.

As widely reported, such as here in the Telegraph, the The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society claimed its 78 ft protest powerboat the Ady Gil was “sliced in half” by the Japanese security ship Shonan Maru 2 as it loitered near the whaling fleet. It seems the Andy Gil was sunk. A few days back I […]

As reported in the Daily Telegraph The crew of the Sea Shepherd conservation group’s second vessel, the futuristic 90km/h trimaran the Ady Gill, have used a laser called a photonic disruptor to try to blind the crew of a Japanese security ship. … “The Ady Gil is painted with radar deflective paint and is an […]

Yao Ming, the NBA star who is 7 foot 6 inches (!) tall, speaks out against shark fin soup: NBA star and Shanghai Sharks owner Yao Ming urged China on Friday to say no to shark fin soup to stop the overfishing of some species amid growing demand for the delicacy. The Houston Rockets centre […]