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What manufacturer in China isn’t polluting? China does have environmental laws and regulations on the books, mind you, but obviously there’s no enforcement and no incentive to follow them. Just as obviously, products are far less expensive to manufacture when pollution controls are not a factor. Ring that register! Reports by the WSJ and others […]

This might be an example of everybody trying to get a piece of the environmental act. Now there’s a study out of UC Berkeley, with results apparently demonstrating that conflict, including domestic violence and ethnic violence, was heightened as temperatures rose.

Huffpost reports that Procter and Gamble will be phasing out microbeads, tiny plastic balls used in products like facial scrubs, body washes and toothpastes. They scrub away dead skin, similar to using a sponge, and are designed to wash down the drain. They don’t biodegrade, they’re going to be taken up by fish and other […]