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EPA is holding a number of webinars/updates on various issues, including updates on their ongoing Study of Hydraulic Fracturing. Recordings of the events are accessible here. A recent one on fracking is here. There’s a live one on hydraulic fracturing going on right now, but I can’t seem to log into it. I did manage […]

There’s a lot of buzz about Mark Lynas having done an about face on GMOs: In a January 2013 lecture to the Oxford Farming Conference, Lynas detailed his conversion from an organizer of the the anti-GMO food movement in Europe to becoming a supporter of the technology.

There’s a fair amount of press about a nurse getting fired for refusing to get a flu shot. Among other reasons, she apparently claims through an attorney that she can refuse because of some broadly based application under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits religious discrimination of employees.

The round file is the trash can, and it’s hard to believe National Geographic would be touting this idea without providing some discussion of the inefficiency (read: waste) of wireless power transmission. As their article says, quoting the CEO of a firm selling this approach for charging electric cars: “The electric-car industry has figured out […]