Here, Joe Romm of Climate Progress follows up on Bill McKibben‘s recent evisceration of Robert Bryce, who is a rather prolific fellow. Among other dubious propositions, Bryce has tried to make hay by saying that, because Einstein was wrong, climate scientists probably are wrong also. But Einstein wasn’t wrong.

On the one hand, it’s good that Romm and McKibben are out there holding Bryce’s feet to the fire. After all, people like Bryce get major press access, including the editorial pages of the WSJ.

On the other hand, it’s useful to get back to what can be a very useful approach for dealing with climate change deniers. Ask them who they want for medical help: the smartest, best educated doctor they can find in the medical specialty they need, or someone from the yellow pages they know nothing about. Bryce’s bio lists him as having a “B.F.A. from the University of Texas at Austin.” That’s a bachelor’s in fine arts. Read: zero science. Given that we can go straight to highly educated and smart scientists like Romm at Climate Progress or those at Realclimate, time spent trying to make sense of Bryce’s arguments is betterĀ  spent elsewhere.

I’ll post more soon on other approaches for talking to climate change deniers.