As I’ve noted in the past, having a chemical engineer in charge of the EPA is one of the best things since peanut butter. And Lisa Jackson has done a really good job.

Burning-the-midnight-oil knowledge of chemistry is really important for being able to understand, at a fundamental level, and address so many environmental problems. It’s been a refreshing change from having well-meaning, but non-scientifically trained attorneys at the helm of EPA, which has usually been the case.

Among other reasons, so few members of Congress have studied any sort of science that we really need someone who’s studied the sciences (chemistry chief among them) in charge of the EPA. Having an attorney run EPA, to my mind, is like having an attorney as the Surgeon General, instead of an MD. I hope Obama comes up with another chemical engineer or hard-scientist to take Lisa Jackson’s place. And I hope Lisa Jackson keeps working for a better environment.