This reminds me of the old anti-nuclear power bumper sticker, which read

You can’t make anything foolproof, because fools are too ingenious.

Now we read about “murky hiring” at the utility running the Fukushima nuclear power plant, which had that pesky meltdown and such not too long ago. It seems that, in a recent survey, many workers were

being paid by different companies than the ones that hired them — an indication of illegal labor contracts. Nearly 90 percent said their employers were ranked from second to fourth in the hierarchy of subcontractors. About one-quarter said their employers never notified them of their radiation exposure details.

Accountability minimal. Hiring problems associated with plant staff are serious. Consider the possibility of similar issues with those constructing this and other facilities in Japan. All part in parcel of why we really cannot afford nuclear power. We might think we can handle it, and that we can control it, and that we can hire the right people to design, build, and operate them, but it only takes one or two unanticipated screw-ups to create huge problems, which the public won’t stand for.