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Here, Joe Romm of Climate Progress follows up on Bill McKibben‘s recent evisceration of Robert Bryce, who is a rather prolific fellow. Among other dubious propositions, Bryce has tried to make hay by saying that, because Einstein was wrong, climate scientists probably are wrong also. But Einstein wasn’t wrong. On the one hand, it’s good […]

As I’ve noted in the past, having a chemical engineer in charge of the EPA is one of the best things since peanut butter. And Lisa Jackson has done a really good job. Burning-the-midnight-oil knowledge of chemistry is really important for being able to understand, at a fundamental level, and address so many environmental problems. […]

This reminds me of the old anti-nuclear power bumper sticker, which read You can’t make anything foolproof, because fools are too ingenious. Now we read about “murky hiring” at the utility running the Fukushima nuclear power plant, which had that pesky meltdown and such not too long ago. It seems that, in a recent survey, […]

Presumably within the next few thousand years, we’ll figure something out. Meantime, there was a plan afoot to temporarily store large quantities of high-level nuclear waste near the  Skull Valley Band of Goshute Indians Reservation in Utah. That plan for interim storage, according to the Salt Lake Tribune, has been officially terminated. I’m not sure […]