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It’s big news about the Old North State’s issues with trying to ignore the science of how far sea level might rise in the future. I’d be interested in knowing what other coastal states, and other countries with coasts, are saying about whether and how to factor sea level rise predictions into their planning? I’ll […]

It seems Texas will be experimenting to see whether it would be safe to post the state’s first 85 mph speed limit, setting it on a path to have the highest posted speed limit in the U.S. A few questions come to mind, not the least of which is: how can they sleep at night? […]

It’s time to weigh in on the issue of Apple’s treatment of workers, or Apple’s suppliers’ treatment of workers, in China. Something important is missing. It seems to me that the pollution aspects of manufacturing are getting short shrift in the reporting. Apple should be addressing this factor in a big way also, or it […]

As reported, Disney will start restricting junk food commercials on all Disney-owned channels during programming blocks aimed at kids under 12 years of age