I know, it’s futile to try to get word to people like Bill Gates, but I can dream. Gates is working hard to get work done on geoengineering, such as

building an 18-mile-long hose, tethered by balloons, that would spray tiny particles into the stratosphere to block the sun’s rays.


ocean-churning technology designed to sap the strength of hurricanes, which appear to be getting fiercer because of global warming.

or having

thousands of big machines to remove carbon dioxide from the air.

But is Gates looping back to things that Richard Feynman might have suggested, things that are so simple that they are being missed or are thought to be way too complicated?

What about radically changing land-use, development, and public transportation approaches, linking these factors in ways that can have a major change on carbon emissions? Sounds too low-tech? Maybe so, but it’s guaranteed, and all this geoengineering is not, and morewver is fraught with danger because of that old Law of Unintended Consequences.