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Dave Foreman has been around a while, and he has a new book, entitled “Manswarm and the Killing of Wildlife.” Foreman gets into problems of population growth, including immigration. Interesting stuff.

Auto records make it so: The number of vehicles in operation worldwide surpassed the 1 billion-unit mark in 2010 for the first time ever.

I missed the revelation last year that A helium shortage means that helium balloons should cost about $100 each.

Pledging has an important history. For example, those ascribing to the Sullivan Principles pledged to not invest in South Africa during the days of apartheid. Bear with me. Now, Americans for Tax Reform have their “Taxpayer Protection Pledge,” which gets a lot of press these days because most Republican candidates have signed it.

Climate Progress has the story, also pointing out how Perry’s main contributor is the oil and gas industry.

A factory costing $1.2 billion to build in Dalian, China  is going to be relocated, after protests by tens of thousands of students, white-collar workers and other residents of the affluent coastal city

Wow, we see in the NYTimes, with respect to the DOE’s efforts to examine health effects of hydrofracking: “It would be good to see the subcommittee make recognition of the strong state regulatory system,” said Erik Milito, upstream director at the American Petroleum Institute.

This talk about building libertarian countries at sea has me wondering about law enforcement. They might not need armies, but they’ll likely need police. Years back, a friend of mine suggested we see the movie, Barquero, which was not one of the best movies I’ve seen. Basically, things go to hell in a handbasket when […]

So they want to create floating libertarian countries in international waters They’ve been looking at configurations, it seems. Ship, barge or semi-submersible? No self-respecting libertarian, with billions to donate, would go for something as prosaic as a barge, would they? Give me Verne’s Nautilus, dammit!  But that’s just me.