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Calling it “radioactive water” at Fukushima really does readers a disservice, because not only is it incorrect, it omits important implications of the problem. Water is H2O, right, as we all know (I hope).  So H2O is only radioactive if one of the hydrogens or the oxygen atom is a radioisotope. What we have at […]

So, it’s official, there was a melt-down at Fukishima, although they are mincing words: Japanese authorities have admitted the possibility that the fuel suffered “melt-through” … Some are calling a “melt-down” something different than what I’m used to, as in the wikipedia entry:

Food shortages are going to be a serious problem, as food prices rise.

TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) shares plummet. Why didn’t I short it?

Found on Mars (but probably not a shelter).

Mapnificent covers 17 cities in the US, and some overseas. It Shows you areas you can reach with public transport in a given time. Knowing how long it will take to get somewhere takes the guesswork out of using public transportation. You can learn whether to bring a lunch or a book, for example.

Don’t mess with New York. Now, under the National Environmental Policy Act, NEPA, an Environmental Impact Statement is required where federal funds are involved. As reported by Courthouse News

On hydrofracking in the Marcellus Shale and elsewhere, regarding foot-dragging on revealing what chemicals are being injected into the subsurface, Gary Luquette, president of North America exploration and production for Chevron, said it was time for industry to stop dragging its feet on disclosure.

Japanese institutions are being asked to set their thermostats to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s not too bad if it takes out a lot of the humidity. The idea is tied to getting the salarymen and others to wear less clothing, including such items as Kariyushi shirts, made only in Okinawa and intended to promote tourism […]