If they missed this one, what else don’t they understand? More on that in a minute. The NYTimes reports that

last week the head of a major radio company [CBS] felt compelled to instruct its programmers to start identifying more of the songs played on the air, by title and artist name.

The head of CBS radio called this decision a “no-brainer.” Maybe there are other aspects of the radio of the past that these guys could learn, but I suppose doing things that people actually want detracts from their bottom-line, least-common-denominator approach.

Radio stinks, basically. Among the reasons are the fact that most of what we hear is preprogrammed, canned junk, with songs from playlists, rather than having on-site DJ’s choose songs as was done in the past. Having one company own many radio stations doesn’t help, either. They should divest and do us all a world of audio good.