This guy must have attended the Tony Hayward school of PR. J. Wayne Leonard (aka “Melt Down” Leonard), CEO of Entergy, flamed out big-time at a recent investor meeting. As the NYPost put it:

The clueless CEO in charge of the upstate Indian Point nuclear plant had a stunning meltdown in judgment when he kicked off an investor meeting by displaying the quote from the movie “The Hangover,” “By the way, we’re all gonna die!” …

It went downhill from there, with more inappropriate, insensitive drivel from this movie. But really, according to Forbes, this guy has an annual total compensation of $35.14 million, making him the third highest paid utility executive. What does someone do with this much money besides pay attorneys and tax consultants to minimize their income tax burdens? Most people could take a month of this salary and retire.

Their PR people are madly spinning, as they are wont to do with the big bucks they get. Let’s have them spin about utility executives’ salaries, while they are at it.