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It would be interesting to learn exactly what was in the fracking fluids spilled near Canton, PA, when, as of April 23 Workers stopped the flow of liquid and natural gas from a well that spilled chemical-laced water for two days and were hoping to start on a permanent solution to control the well

Turns out that Newt Gingrich’s consulting firm was a hired consultant to a major ethanol lobbying group—at more than $300,000 a year. Well, he’s an expert, after all.

As announced recently: The second-largest power generator in the state said Tuesday it will stop spending money on plans to build two more reactors at the South Texas Project, outside of Houston. The project was doomed when a financial partner, Tokyo Electric Power Co., saw its reactors in Japan explode after the earthquake. Not the […]

Soil sampling results will really tell the tale about what is going on near the reactors in Japan, and whether and when people can go back there. Greenpeace notes that they’ve done some soil sampling 60 km from the reactors, but I don’t find the results yet. And results closer in should be very revealing. […]

The news now is that, in Japan No one will be allowed within 3 kilometers of the crippled nuclear facility and entry within 20 kilometers of the plant will be highly regulated …

The take home message: treat all raw meat as if it has contamination on it and in it. Because it might. Then be logical. Cook the meat properly, don’t put cooked meat back on plates that held raw meat, wash your hands, keep things clean. The new wrinkle is a new study involving meat from […]

The big news all over is that iPhones are storing tracking information, basically forever. One question, implied in the interesting Gizmodo article about this is Why Is Apple Tracking You?: Until Apple stops doing this, or explains why they are doing it, I don’t feel safe.

While the 2005 Energy Act exempts natural gas drillers, unfortunately,  from many aspects of federal oversight,  gas drilling wastewater that they route to sewage treatment plants (or send to surface waters) is in fact subject to federal control. That’s because individual state’s wastewater treatment discharge programs operate under federal oversight as required by the Clean […]

I’m sorry, Joe, but your business roots are showing. Your background of course allows you to have opinions, but evaluating hydraulic fracturing, as you’ve done from your pulpit at the NYTimes, is a step into a world of multidisciplinary science and engineering that requires a certain amount of humility (which I’m sure you do have […]