You can’t buy furniture anymore that is not laden with fire retardants, and, to make matters worse, the manufacturers of mattresses and other furniture do not have to tell you what is in their products. In my experience, some of the mattresses and mattress adapters (such as egg-crate layers to put on top) are laden with chemicals that can make a person very uncomfortable, at the least. These fire retardants are, for the most part, pretty nasty halogenated (read: chorine and bromine) organic compounds.

Scientific American has a new article on the matter, explaining that in California, which set the standard used by manufactures, new legislation is under consideration:

the state’s textile and furniture manufacturers, and thus probably all such makers in the U.S., will drastically alter the amount of flame retardant carried in almost every sofa, love seat and easy chair in the country.

There are different opinions about this matter, so read the article if you are interested and/or planning on buying a new bed. It is possible to purchase some furniture without these chemicals, but currently it is pretty expensive.