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Oregon is moving towards banning plastic bags: An Oregon Senate committee has advanced a bill that would make Oregon the first state to ban single-use plastic grocery bags.

There’s news about studies showing how to reduce BPA exposure by minimizing plastic food packaging by going to glass containers for storage and microwaving, and stopping using things in cans lined with BPA-containing plastics, among other approaches. It turns out that even BPA-free materials could still have compounds of concern, such as phthalates, which is […]

As the LA Times reports, the maker of the film, Who Killed the Electric Car, has come out with a sequel, The Revenge of the Electric Car:

Maybe someone could patent a tracking fracking fluid. A fracking lawsuit is going on in Canada, with a legal filing stating “As a result, Ms. Ernst’s water is now so contaminated with methane and other chemicals that it can be lit on fire,” said the legal statement.

The American Lung Association State of the Air 2011 is out. The worst air is in California cities.  No surprise there. In some movies filmed out in LA/Hollywood, it looks as though everyone is living in a dirty fog. That’s because they are. Give the producers credit for not hiding it. Some of the best […]

I’m skeptical of “green” companies’ claims until the right data comes out. Lab-scale and pilot-scale data are important (along with examination of waste products),  as well as other data such as standards verifications. The company, Cereplast, is soliciting investors and advertises a number of products, including Cereplast Compostables® Resins, which the company states

I’ve been thinking lately about how we make decisions, or let others make them for us, about important matters such as building more nuclear power plants and where, or whether and how growth should go forward, or how to manage finite resources such as water supplies. Many aspects of these decisions are governed by elected […]

There’s lot’s of activity on the net about the 25th anniversary of the nuclear power plant accident at Chernobyl, with a nice compendium of photos here at And of course, it’s still not over. The containment needs rebuilding, and there’s danger of spread of radioisotopes due to burning of trees that contain them, with […]

A quick post to readers to look in the header for our new specialty blog area, WaterMatters at EnvironmentMemo. There we’ll delve into any and all things water. The inaugural post might raise some eyebrows, if not some hackles, so please give it a read! All feedback is welcome!