Physicists usually have a strong handle on many aspects of science, so, as reported in the LATimes,  it will be interesting when Richard A. Muller

a longtime critic of the global warming consensus, will testify before a House panel. Leading climate scientists worry that the project, funded in part by an oil billionaire’s foundation, has an agenda.

I’m a strong believer in asking anyone who has anything to say about climate change to describe their understanding of the mechanism by which molecules such as CO2 help retain heat on earth. So that’s question number one.

Another question might be where his background really qualifies him to get in to this fray, given that his doctoral dissertation was entitled

A Study of the Reaction Negative Kaon-Nuclon Going To (Xi-Hyperon,Kaon) From Threshold TO 2.7 GEV/C

Muller does seem to have a couple of screws in the right places in his head, inasmuch as he does appear to acknowledge that there just might be a problem here, but then he goes and says

“Global warming is a serious problem,” Muller said in a lecture at UC Berkeley last week. “But people simply don’t believe the story anymore because the story was exaggerated…. Not a single polar bear has died because of receding ice.”

How can he know this for sure? There’s a certain amount of bravado seeping out here, clearly.