I suppose lobbyists have to earn their keep by getting in there early, as the WaPo reports, holding

meetings with key lawmakers and standing-room-only briefings for staffers in an attempt to tamp down talk of restrictions in response to the Japanese disaster.

Why are these meetings standing room only? Are they giving away free food?

Anyway, they are telling whoever will listen that

the severity of the calamities facing the Japanese plant are virtually impossible to replicate in the United States.

Of course they are! But it’s those other pesky, unknown calamities that can and will happen that have almost everybody worried. In their heart of hearts, many of these lobbyists probably agree.

Also, what the heck, things are still unfolding in Japan. Are these lobbyists really saying that no matter what happens in Japan, it’s all OK? I reckon many of them are getting paid by the hour, so, like attorneys, they have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by putting information out now. They can always get paid to modify it later!