Russian expert, Iouli Andreev, is not too happy with the IAEA and Japan with respect to the current crisis. He says that greed is an important factor here, leading to unsafe standards established by the IAEA, and with Japan packing too much stuff into too small a space.

Andreev also points out how more should have been done to study what happened at Chernobyl, but the industry does not want problems highlighted:

The Chernobyl experience was not studied properly because who has money for studying? Only industry.

I don’t figure this will be the case in Japan. There are many more people directly affected for one thing, than at Chernobyl, in this crowded island nation. Also, Japan has a history of nuclear dangers, being as how two nuclear bombs were dropped on them at the close of WW II. There will be a reckoning, and it’s not going to be pretty.