I don’t know anything about the Nuclear Energy Institute, but their PR people sure are strutting their stuff in response to the current troubles in Japan.

They come right out and say that, in the current nuclear crisis in Japan following the earthquake and tsunami:

so far, even the most seriously damaged of its 54 reactors has not released radiation at levels that would harm the public.

But how can they know that? They are in panic, crisis mode over there. We can’t know what really has happened until more information comes out after things calm down. And if the public had been endangered, would they really come out and admit it now? Not likely. Institutions generally take the paternalistic approach in such instances. Why add to the panic, especially when there’s nothing much that can be done about it, anyway?

No doubt many in the US nuclear industry are similarly worried. As we say, a nuclear power plant disaster can ruin your whole future.

And they only mention the public. What about the people at the plants now, and those who later will have to help clean up this mess?