They are evacuating people near one of the Japanese nuclear power plants, following the huge earthquake there.

This will be an evolving story, but even now it highlights what we’ve been saying here: nuclear power plant disasters are inevitable, unfortunately, and will lead to calls for shutting them down, along with stopping construction on those that are underway. So, it is a waste of money to promote them.

As I try to help people understand (Stewart Brand, are you listening?), people respond to such things in an emotional way that is in fact quite rational. You can’t see this stuff and you can’t control it and just who is it we are ceding control of it to? Politicians?

Put another way: many people rant about how we can’t trust or depend upon government.
(I don’t completely agree with this point of view, but go with me for a moment.) But just who is it that is helping fund and regulate these plants. Government.